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Our Response to covid-19

UPDATE! - We are Now Meeting Live and In Person

We are Also still Streaming our Service From The Robbinsville SDA Church!

We have the opportunity to worship together in a safe and respectful way.  We hope the following policy will help everyone be safe while also enjoying the Sabbath Worship Service. Please also watch for updates via email and our Facebook Page.

We have multiple ways for you to join us.

Livestream Robbinsville SDA Church YouTube Channel

New Dial In Information for those calling in via telephone:


MEETING ID: 893 6590 4246


or use zoom with this link:


Check out our Opening Guidelines to keep you safe.


UPDATE: For those meeting in person, please bear with us as we return our ministries to full capacity.  We want to be respectful of everyone's health and entire well-being.

The below procedures have been changed as of June 5th.  These will be updated shortly.

For those planning to attend in person please plan to follow the procedures below.

In Person Policies



Masks covering nose and mouth will be worn by everyone while inside the church to protect both you and your neighbor.


Music is an important part of worship, however for the safety of those around you, we ask that you only Hum along (not sing) with the worship leaders.  Hymnals and Bibles are no longer in the pews, so more content will be on the screen.  You are encouraged to follow along in your personal bible.

Physical Space

Our Deacon's will greet you at the door and take you to a seat where we ask you to stay for the duration of the service.


If you our your child need to use the restroom, please go directly to the restrooms in the children's wing (ask a deacon or usher for directions), and please kindly return to your original seat when done.  The other restrooms are closed to aid with keeping everything sanitary and promote social distancing.

Food & Water

Please refrain from eating and/or preparing food at the church.  The drinking fountains have been shut off at the church, so if you would like water, please bring a bottle with you, or see church volunteer for assistance.

Movement within the Church

We have a large facility, and part of ensuring it is safe for us to worship together is to maintain proper social distancing as well as proper cleaning procedures between services for the areas that were used.  We ask that you wait in your seat for the deacons directions for leaving the sanctuary and exiting the church.  Additionally, please do not wander around the church out of respect for those who do the cleaning.

Parents with Children

Parents, Please keep your children with you at all times.  You are responsible for your family being aware of and following these guidelines.


 We realize everyone wants to fellowship and catch up, however for the health and safety of others sharing the Church space with you, we ask that you keep conversations to a minimum and to always practice proper social-distancing and mask wearing.


This new way of worshipping is hard for a lot of people, so we ask that you pray for patience, discernment, and gratitude for all the things that we are able to do.


As we navigate through this new paradigm of worship there are new ways to do things, and also new roles that are needing to be filled.  If you are interested in learning about how you can volunteer to help our collective worship be both meaningful and safe, please contact one of the Elders.


Regulations and opening policies follow requirements from the greater Seventh-day Adventist Church organization and will be updated as appropriate.

Please follow the Robbinsville Church Facebook Group, or this page for the latest updates.

The Church Body (The People) are still active

Sabbath Worship

Each Sabbath our worship service begins at 10:50 in person and via an online Livestream from the Robbinsville SDA Church.

Sabbath School

June 5th is the first Sabbath with in-person Sabbath Schools!  This begins at 9:30am at the church building.

Sabbath School Lessons and Small groups are meeting through Zoom Virtual Meetings (contact your regular teachers for information on this)

Sabbath School Resources are available for the whole family.

Online Quarterly (can print from here)

Want to use your phone or tablet. Search 'Sabbath School' in your App Store. There are many good options for Iphone, Android etc.



Videos and lessons each day and week for your children and family

- From Loma Linda University Church - UKids Ministry

- From Pioneer Memorial Church Children's Ministries

- Youth Lesson Youtube Channel

Small Groups

Some Small groups are meeting through Zoom Virtual Meetings (contact your small group leader for information on how to connect)


We encourage you to use this time to deepen your connections

- With God through Bible Study and Prayer

- With your family.

- With your church family - call them up and share how God is working in your life.


- We are a praying Church, the Covid-19 Crisis is just one more reason to talk to God.

 Reach out to others and pray with them.

- As always Contact your Elders or Pastor

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